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Branding is a way of defining your service and product, thus making it as unique as possible but still pleasing to the eyes can be hard. Since many Filipinos are into building their own business and rackets. This can help your own digital marketing here in philippines. Taking pictures and videos by yourself might sound easy but there are many factors that might affect their quality.

These are:

  • Lighting

Lighting is very important in taking pictures and videos. It will play a big role in your photography because it can give off a nice glow to your photo but it can also ruin your photo. 

Sun rays and light can be harsh, it is also uncontrollable. Sometimes it will be nice but most of the time it is not. So whenever you need to take pictures, make sure that taking pictures should be done indoors so that you can manipulate the amount of light needed for the photo.

  • Background Noises

Background Noises are mostly encountered in films and videos. This might be irritating to the editor because it cannot be manipulated since it is a natural thing in your environment.

Tip: Make sure if you are shooting a video, use substitute props that might be the cause of background noise. For example, ice cubes. These things can be loud especially when you try to mix them in a container. Thus the usage of clear jelly can be used as a substitute. It still gives off an ice cubes vibe but the sound can be different.

But if these things cannot be avoided, you can always edit it on your own.

digital marketing philippines

Editing is a process of checking your work whether needs correction or modifications. In this step, you can do minor fixes since you are just making sure if your work is alright. But do not underestimate this stage, it is still hard to see the problem and fix it. 

Moreover, making sure your work is as unique as possible but still pleasing to the eyes can be hard. Editing apps can cost a lot especially if it offers a subscription that can only last for a month. So having substitute editing apps or even online software can come in handy.

For photo editing, you can use:

  • Canva

Canva is a graphic design platform that can be accessed through online websites or as applications. It is a flexible editing platform where you can upload your own picture and use different templates and images that are free on the website or application. But not all things can be accessible on this platform, some are locked and you need to have Canva Pro, but if you will be using just simple editing, it will be nice to have a Canva account.

  • PicsArt

Unlike Canva where some features are locked, Picsart is an all-free application used for both graphic design and drawing. You can just unleash your creativity and make fun out of the things you can do to this application. You can upload your own pictures and also make your own art by drawing them.

For video editing, you can use:

  • Capcut

Capcut is an editing app that is free and can be used by many. This was used mostly to do Tiktoks videos since the templates available here lasted for 15 seconds and above. This is nice to have since it is an application on your phone, you can make cute and aesthetic videos in seconds that can already tackle your brand. You can post the video you made to different social media platforms to encourage people and give them an overview of your brand.

  • Kinemaster

Just like Capcut, KineMaster can be pretty accessible because it can also be downloaded on your phone. This allows you to upload your homemade videos and give it a nice and good transition. It was mostly used to make vlogs but the simple videos for advertisement can also be done here.

With this, knowing the things to consider in doing your own branding and having basic knowledge about the ways and solutions to do if there was a problem maybe some problems might be avoided. This will help you have your own website management, to know what to do in your own website for business. Remember that branding should always show what your products and services offer. As much as possible, make it your own and apply the things you think to make it unique in a way that people are encouraged by it.

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