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It has been a while since brands recognized the importance of Facebook Marketing Services in growing their businesses. Having a Facebook presence is necessary for all businesses but having a legitimate Facebook Marketing plan makes a lot of difference. Facebook has implemented a lot of enhancements since it first joinedContinue Reading

Paid Search Services vs. Organic Search Marketing Main

Paid Search Services, in itself, is an effective Internet Marketing strategy. This puts you on top of the web search results page quickly and you’ll be on top for as long as you are paying for the ad to run. Clicks and Conversion rates are also higher than organic campaigns,Continue Reading

What are Paid Search Services and do they work main

Simply put, Paid Search Services is an Internet Marketing strategy where advertisers pay each time their ad is clicked, displayed, or a specific action is done in response to the ad. If you have heard about digital marketing, then, you must have heard of CPC, CPM, CPA, and CTR. IfContinue Reading

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Paid Search and Display Ads can be used together but there are factors that businesses can consider when they need to choose between the two. Deciding between these two types of advertising campaigns can be difficult but these factors can help organize the decision process. Search and Display Ads areContinue Reading

How Can Waze Banner Ads Help Your Business JAF Digital Marketing Philippines Main

With people progressively open to utilizing their gadgets for services or shopping alongside navigation, Waze desires to increase its current works collaborating with brands to put a brighter spotlight on the decision making of consumers where to stop by for shopping or dining. This sort of intention or goal isContinue Reading

What Can Paid Search Management Do for You | JAF Digital Marketing Philippines

Do you often click ads when you see one? Do you know how it works and what happens after clicking or skipping it? On that note, you are dealing with paid search management. The people who use Google or any search engine for searching different information about products or servicesContinue Reading


Expanding your business online can be overwhelming. When you try to search for costs online, you see words like CPC, CPR, CPM, CPL, etc. Three hours later, you are searching for Digital Marketing Philippines and you have no idea why. Expanding your business’ presence online has become a necessity. Word-of-mouthContinue Reading